What we offer:

Here at RISE UP RECORDS, we take your multitrack recording. And after mixing, return a perfectly balanced mix where all the instruments and voices have been united in exact harmony with your style and genre. RISE UP RECORDS will create a perfect piece of art that may seem simple, natural and almost effortless, and so it should. We mix your songs with high quality equipment such as Pro equalizers, voice correction, compression, limiters and many more.

Mastering is the final and absolutely necessary treatment for your song. Mastering is not about increasing the loudness or adding some compression to the mix. Mastering in our music mastering service is done to finally give your song the top-chart power and beauty of the sound for which you were preparing for in all the previous stages including mixing.

here at RISE UP RECORDS, we know its hard to get into the music industry but were here to help. We will help you get your music Released to 35+ music platforms and stand by your side along the way to help and watch you succeed. Request a quote today.

All genres:

Hip Hop/Rap, pop, Country, Commercial, Alternative, Children’s Music, Classical, Electronic, Blues, Jazz, Rhythm, Blues, Rock, Soul Music, Dance Music, Trap and more.